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Owing to its narcotic ingredient Oxycodone abuse it quite common. It is one of the leading prescription drugs in the US for pain relief, and also the leading where prescription abuse happens. High rate of Oxycodone dependency leads opioid abusers to change doctors to get prescriptions from multiple sources. Its high street value has given way to a uncomfortably big black market figures.

Illicit Uses of Oxycodone

From as far back as the 1960s, Oxycodone has seen the pitfalls of abuse. Similar in its potency to morphine, Oxycodone induces a euphoric effect in the user which countermands withdrawal from the intake of heroin or morphine.

For those addicted to methadone and heroin, Oxycodone is a great lure. The controlled release version or the Oxycontin if taken in large doses (from 10 mg to 80 mg) can effectively reduce the pain of the withdrawal symptoms of their regular drug abuse. These tablets are chewed or crushed to be snorted or injected into their system.

Oxycodone with the its non-narcotic combos like aspirin or acetaminophen are taken orally to alleviate withdrawal pains. Along with its other side-effects oxycodone with its acetaminophen combo can increase liver toxicity over prolonged abuse.

User Population of Oxycodone

The popularity of oxycodone has stemmed from it being a widely prescribed drug by doctors for pain relief. Unfortunately, this popularity has led to false notions of its euphoric effects. Oxycodone abuse thus matches its popularity across age, race and socio-economic groups.

Illicit Distribution of Oxycodone

Oxycodone diversion and abuse is a rising source of concern. DEA field reports and studies show that various forms of oxycodone sell at an average of $1/mg. The 40mg tablet of OxyContin is the most in demand for though the other forms like capsule and tablets are equally sought after like the liquid. Street abuse occurs in many scary forms like false prescriptions by unscrupulous doctors, pharmacist or dentists who will do anything for an extra buck. Desperate users also resort to violent and armed robberies of pharmacies to supply their drug need. Available in multiple packaging with different colors and marking, Oxycodone is nevertheless easily identified by the addicts and abused regularly.

Symptoms of Oxycodone Abuse

Like any other drug abuse, prolonged use of Oxycodone gives rise to immune effects and withdrawal symptoms which can be physically as well as mentally depressing. To get back the same effect of painlessness and euphoria that they got from earlier mild doses, users tend to take in larger doses causing serious potential for overdose hazard. Increasing their doses lead to temporary relief from their painful Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms.

Oxycodone abuse comes in various forms. Without any thought to the serious and at times the fatal consequences such abuse can lead to, most addicts blithely crush or chew the tablets to reach their state of ‘high’. Some even melt the drug to inject it directly to the system. Oxycodone is not meant for consumption of this sort and there cannot be enough warnings for such abusive acts.

Even in the midst of that euphoric high, Oxycodone users will feel many of those dangerous side-effects in their system. Ignoring these will only lead to fatal results.

Prolonged use of oxycodone in high doses causes physical and mental dependency on the drug leading to serious addiction. Side-effects of such dependency include dizziness and weakness, cold and clammy feelings, pupil contraction, mental confusion, seizures which may even lead to coma. To avoid such extreme situations be sure to buy Oxycodone only through regular prescriptions and under doctor guidance.

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