Oxycodone Dosage

Oxycodone medication is administered on a patient based on several factors. This includes the patient’s current ailment i.e the kind of pain one is having and the degree of the pain. It also depends on other existing medical conditions of the patient and the medication he or she is taking. In most cases doctors start off the pain treatment with the short-acting drug. The response and tolerance to the pain is then monitored closely to see if the dosage needs to be increased or not. If the pain is severe and needs continued care then a long-acting version of Oxycodone is introduced.

Pain Doses for Oxycodone

Oxycodone dosage can vary from patient to patient. The tolerance and response level determines whether your doctor will increase or decrease the dosage as well. For people who have been on other similar medication may build up immunity to such drugs and can easily take higher doses than normal. While those who have not may be exceptionally sensitive and can get results in smaller doses easily.

Usually doctors start low and then increase the dosage as per the patient’s tolerance and response to the medication. These are taken at 4 to 6 hour intervals. Once the pain stabilizes then a long-acting form of the product maybe introduced to the system. These are strong and can only be taken at 12 hour intervals.

Adjusting Dosage

Oxycodone doses are determined by doctors based on several factors. These include the patient’s body structure, the kind and degree of pain and response to the drug. It is not given out as an SOS drug or in ‘rescue doses’ except in extreme circumstances. Such cases may include patients who are in agony with pain from cancer or tumor. Such immediate release versions should be administered in 1/4th or 1/3rd dosage of the 12 hourly controlled release versions.

Oxycodone Strengths

Oxycodone comes in various brand names as well as generic versions in the form of capsules, tablets and liquids. Each version is identifiable by different shapes and sizes, imprints and colors. Oxycodone abuse is very common as the narcotic properties make it highly addictive. Due to this reason it is closely monitored and regulated by agencies like the FDA and tracked by the DEA.

Immediate Release version (IR) Oxycodone

In certain ailments like cancer, pain can be blinding and excruciating. In such extreme circumstances the immediate release version of the Oxycodone (IR) is available to be injected or ingested into the system for instant pain relief. Usually the effect of one dose of the immediate release version can last for around 4 hours or less. If the pain returns or is persistent then additional doses are given.

Extended Release version (ER) Oxycodone

The extended release version of Oxycodone (ER) is also known as controlled release (CR) pills. These are taken as whole pills without breaking or cutting them. Once ingested the drug is released in a controlled manner into the system over a long period of 12 hours through the shells or granules of the pill. For chronic pain cases this version provides solid round-the-clock control of the pain. Swallowing the pill whole is important as slow breakdown of the drug in the system is essential to control the pain. Cutting it will disturb this balance or release matrix and can also lead to overdose with fatal results.

Generic Oxycodone

Multiple pharmaceutical companies in the US manufacture the generic versions of the Oxycodone. Each distinguished by specific shapes and sizes, marks and colors. Versions of the generic doses are found in capsules of varied strengths:

  • 5mg
  • 10mg
  • 15mg
  • 20mg
  • 30mg
  • 40mg
  • 60mg

The extended release versions of the Oxycodone (ER) are found in tablets of different strengths as well:

  • 10mg ER
  • 20mg ER
  • 40mg ER
  • 80mg ER

In case your pharmacy does not store the exact generic version of Oxycodone, don’t be alarmed. It may differ from your earlier Oxycodone medication in shape or color but as long as the basic composition is the same and it matches the dosage advised by your physician. Check with your pharmacist again if you have further doubts.

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