Oxycodone for Pain Management

Oxycodone is a widely prescribed pain medication based on narcotic or opioid formula. It is applicable on all kinds of pain. It can be administered as a short term heavy dosage painkiller for chronic cases or as a steady low dosage drug for long term ailments like back pain. It is available in solid as well as liquid forms.

Oxycodone basically works on the brain and changes the way it perceives the pain. It makes it more adaptable to the pain and thus relieves stress.

How is Oxycodone used for pain?

Oxycodone medication comes in many forms and is taken in different manners. This medication needs to be taken exactly as directed. Do not deviate from the prescription. In case of confusion consult your pharmacist or doctor. The liquid form comes as regular or concentrated solutions, and the solid forms are capsules and tablets. The regular Oxycodone medication, whether solid or concentrates are usually taken at 4-6 hourly intervals or on SOS basis when the pain attacks. The extended-release versions however are far greater in strength and are this taken at not less than 12 hour intervals.

More care should be taken if you are taking Oxycodone in the concentrate form. The pack usually contains a dropper which will help your measure the dosage carefully. Correct measurement and checking is important. The exact dosage should ideally be mixed with juice or any other health drink. You can also mix with pudding or sweetened sauce. Oxycodone concentrate often come in small pre-packaged containers called ampoules. These usually match your required dosage but it would be good to recheck the same with your doctor or your local pharmacy.

In most cases, Oxycodone medication begins with low dosage which is increased over a period of time. Your doctor will closely monitor your response to the pain and you need to inform him about every symptom that you feel. Dosage change depends on this response. Also, long term use will make your body immune to the drug and higher dosage will be needed to get the required effects.

The beneficial effects of Oxycodone are manifested in the patient’s pain-free life. But the dangers of Oxycodone abuse cannot be overlooked. Often users take higher or frequent doses without informing their doctors, or even go on taking the medicine long after they have no need for the drug. Such cases need professional help. Remember, you should never stop your Oxycodone intake suddenly. Your body needs to wean out of the drug which your doctor will help you with by slowly decreasing the doses. Sudden stop will cause severe withdrawal symptoms. You feel lethargy, nausea, breathlessness, depression, insomnia, zero appetite and weight loss along with fevers and chills.

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