Generic Oxycodone APAP

All medicines that have the Oxycodone ingredient are found in their generic forms along with their brand names. Medicines that combine ibuprofen or aspirin are definitely available in their generic forms. The ones with the acetaminophen combos also have their generic forms but are not so common like the others.

The brand-name drugs cost more than their generic versions. Thus many pharmacies stock more of the generic versions. Insurance companies also validate their cost-effective benefits. The various generic versions of oxycodone/APAP include Roxicet and Endocet. Tylox, Roxicet oral and Percocet also have generic forms.

Generic vs. Brand-Name Oxycodone/APAP

Of course, generic and brand name products can overlap and confusions may occur especially for a combo Oxycodone product. In many cases, pharmaceutical companies tend to brand their generic products rather than simply use the generic name.

Oxycodone is an old formula and there are several Oxycodone products that have been available before the era of FDA approval. Without FDA approval it is not possible to completely verify the authenticity of such medicines which come in solid as well as concentrate form. They have been prevalent before such regulations took effect so they are not liable to prove their generic compatibility. It can be confusing unless you opt for professional opinion and guidance.

Which Generic Oxycodone/APAP Products Are Available?

The most commonly found generic versions of Oxycodone/APAP are Tylox, Percocet and Roxicet Oral. There is no generic version for Magnacet products while Roxicet and Endocet are available as generic versions of Percocet.

Can I Get "Real" Percocet or OxyContin?

Generic opioid medication is more readily available. There have been instances where people have asked for brand name Oxycodone instead of their generic versions. And they were met with suspicion.

Brand name drugs are way more expensive than their generic counterparts. Since the composition is same, the benefits and effects on pain tend to be the same. This is why doctors readily prescribe them, insurance companies approve them and pharmacies stock them. Asking for brand names in such cases raises suspicions that the user is going to resell the drug because of its higher street value.

Magancet is less readily available as it is low in demand. Insurance may always not cover the whole cost. If you can pay the full price then your local pharmacy will regularly stock it for you.

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