Oxycodone Overdose

Oxycodone is a morphine like drug with narcotic characteristics used to treat pain in all forms. Like any other narcotic drug or opiate it is highly prone to abuse. High intake can lead to overdose. Oxycodone overdose can have serious and sometimes fatal results like circulatory or respiratory depression, cardiac and respiratory arrest.

What is Oxycodone Overdose?

Oxycodone overdose suggest that the intake of the drug has been in dosage higher than recommended. This can happen by chance when the long term usage leads the body to be immune to the drug. Patients unknowingly take in more to get the desired pain-free effects. It can also be by choice where the user deliberately takes a higher dose to feel more euphoric than usual. It also denotes suicidal tendencies, a desperate cry for help. Overdose can thus lead to fatal consequences.

Symptoms of Oxycodone Overdose

Taking in a higher dosage than the recommended one, can result in severe side-effects. These side-effects include an extreme soporific effect, breathing and vision problems that can get worse with time if not checked immediately.

The first thing that an overdose hits you with is sleep. As a narcotic drug, Oxycodone has a sleep inducing feature in it in any case. With higher or more frequent doses you can spend a lot of time in dreamland. This can vary from semi-conscious to completely knocked out stages depending upon how much you have Od’d with.

Oxycodone overdose affects breathing. From shallow breathing to shortness of breath it slowly proceeds to breathlessness and suffocation. Such respiratory disorder can also lead to death.

A glimpse at Oxycodone overdose symptoms:

  • limpness of limbs or weakness in muscles
  • respiratory damage and disorders stemming from breathing problems
  • limpness of limbs or weakness in muscles
  • extreme soporific effects
  • fainting spells and dizziness
  • limpness of limbs or weakness in muscles
  • pupil dilation and contraction and vision problems
  • cold, sweaty and clammy skin
  • limpness of limbs or weakness in muscles
  • slowing heart rate giving in to attacks and seizures
  • paleness and blue tinges in skin
  • possibility of coma
  • mental confusion leading to Amnesia

Oxycodone Overdose Side Effects

Severe side effects of Oxycodone overdose need immediate medical attention lest they turn fatal. These include:

  • Cardiac seizures and arrest
  • Hypotension
  • Circulatory depression
  • Respiratory depression and arrest
  • Shock
  • Possibility of coma
  • Mental confusion leading to Amnesia

Treatment for an Oxycodone Overdose

In case of Oxycodone overdose the first thing to do is to call 911 (in US) for paramedics or the center for poison control. Before any treatment begins there are a series of questions that are asked to get a clear picture of the situation. It is imperative that the user or someone close to him answer these correctly. It is a also a strategy to keep the user from fading out by continuously interacting with him or her. The first thing hospitals do is to counter the breathing disorder that the overdose causes. Usually oxygen does the trick. If it doesn’t then another antidote called Naloxone is administered. However, this is for very serious cases as it is painful and has severe side-effects. In order to remove traces of oxycodone in the stomach after an overdose incident, various laxatives and activated charcoal is used. In most cases breathing is normalized and the patient stabilized without severe long term consequences. In some rare and unfortunate cases there are negative repercussions of overdose like brain damage as a result of Oxycodone overdose.

Oxycodone addiction will not just destroy your system but your entire social, professional and psychological life. Addiction leads to desperation. If your oxycodone addiction is getting out of hand then you need to seek professional help right away. The constant stress of acquiring the drug illegally and off the street will cause mental as well as financial havoc. To know what the exact nature of peril of Oxycodone is when abused you need to consult a professional. You can begin by contacting your regular physician who will then recommend you to rehab specialists. Get help. No drug is worth more than your life.

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