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Oxycodone is a carefully monitored and controlled drug by the relevant authorities like FDA and DEA. It can be bought without prescriptions, illegally and off the streets but at huge risks. Addicts desperate to feel that opioid high, to experience that feeling of euphoria can go to any lengths to acquire Oxycodone. If caught however, the penalty for this crime is severe. In any case, this is not a drug to be taken lightly. Under no circumstances shoud this be taken without the doctor’s advice.

Can I Buy Oxycodone Without a Prescription?

Oxycodone cannot be bought without prescription legally. One can of course acquire it off the streets. But this is illegal and a serious, punishable offense.

Medications containing Oxycodone fall under Schedule II controlled substances classification. Subject to strict monitoring and regulation by the Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA) and the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA), this denotes that Oxycodone is strictly controlled. Therefore the penalties for illegal using, sharing, dealing and acquiring of the drug, online or offline buying sans prescription is a punishable, often non-bailable offense.

Is It Safe to Buy This Drug Without a Prescription Legally?

There are many illegal centers for Oxycodone dealing. These may be literally dark alleys or dubious online dealers hiding and selling behind some sophisticated front. They offer the drug without prescription, at high prices. One needs to beware of such unknown benefactors. It is unsafe and dangerous to buy Oxycodone without a prescription.

Oxycodone should always be taken in under medical supervision and guidance. Your doctor needs to know your existing and prior health conditions, other medications that your are taking and your lifestyle problems. These are important to determine that the Oxycodone does not clash with your other medications or habits like alcohol intake or sleeping pills. By itself it may be harmless, but combined with such factors the side-effects could be dangerous.

Dubious websites offer phony and of course easy consultations for Oxycodone prescriptions. All you have to do is fill in an easy form and you are in. With no real prescriptions you will get your Oxycodone fix. But how can you be really sure that you are getting the real Oxycodone and not an expired, sub-standard or fake product? Going to a reputable pharmacy establishes the authenticity of the medicine. You can be assured that you are getting the real combination for your pain. You can get these legitimate medicines through authentic pharmacies across the Americas.

If you feel this extreme compulsion to acquire this drug without prescription and through illegal channels, it is perhaps time for help. There are professionals who can help you get through this dependency before it becomes fatal and irreversible.

You will find numerous sites on the Internet offering Oxycodone without prescription. Of course the authenticity of the drug will be questionable. But you can’t verify because you are buying this illegally. And you probably won’t bother because you need it bad. It is perhaps important to remind you here that such actions mean you are addicted to Oxycodone and need help. You can begin your healing chapter by approaching your own physician for guidance against oxycodone abuse. He can then put you on to trained professionals for further help. But you need to take that first step yourself.

Some Websites offer to prescribe medication based only on a questionnaire. Is this a safe practice? Is it legal?

The usual practice for doctors is to physically examine the patient, administer tests, diagnose after deliberation and then prescribe a treatment. The breaking away from this traditional method can only mean trouble. There are today available, numerous ‘online’ practitioners who do just that. On the basis of a simple, flimsy questionnaire they are happy to go ahead and prescribe Oxycodone medications without any thought to consequences. Patients are happy to get the drug that gives them a feeling of euphoria and painlessness, what do they care about fatal after-effects! The American Medical Association such ‘online’ treatments do not meet the required medical standard for treatment and are justifiably punishable in the court of law.

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